Oral Sex Water


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Food grade material: Water-soluble
Function: Oral sex, flirting use

Specifications: Six-piece suit, 3 strawberries+ 3 mint

Use Effect:

1, With fire in your mouth, it will produce a heat sensation when you give a male oral sex, which will make the male want to stop, the desire will be greatly increased, and the sense of stimulation will be full.

2, Containing the mouth with ice water will produce a chilly pleasure when giving a male oral sex and enjoy the feeling of ice and fire at the same time. It will generate great desires.

3, Husband and wife lick each part of each other’s body and feel the various stimulation brought by the tongue. It can also get rid of the peculiar smell in the mouth and the private parts of the body. The tone is fresh.

How to use: Start with hot oral sex water. After 10 seconds, the oral sex gets hotter and hotter, and then spit it out after 1 minute. With ice-cold oral fluid, the mouth will become colder after 10 seconds, and spit out after 1 minute


Oral Sex Water Oral Sex Water Oral Sex WaterOral Sex Water Oral Sex Water Oral Sex Water Oral Sex Water Oral Sex Water Oral Sex Water Oral Sex Water

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8.5 × 6.5 cm


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Oral Sex WaterOral Sex Water
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